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Launch and opening of the catalogue Confort cellulose 07.10 2018 from 2 to 6 pm Villa Bernasconi, Grand-Lancy/Geneva



 Winners of Alice Bailly Grant, Diane Chappalley and Noémie Doge | 18.09 – 29.11.2018  

Opening on the 3rd. of October at 6.30pm Espace CHUV main hall, Lausanne



Confort cellulose with Virginie Delannoy, Noémie Doge, Victor Korol, Genêt Mayor | 18.09 – 11.11.2018
Opening on the 18th of September at 6pm | 
Villa Bernasconi, Grand-Lancy/Geneva

Ktdsays Entretien de Corine Stübi (Kissthedesign) | 26.02.2018

Rencontre avec l’artiste Noémie Doge



ligne paysage



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pictures of the drawings©Jennifer Niederhauser Schlup / Locus Solus 2016, photo©Virginie Otth