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I make drawings to escape from reality. Each pencil stroke erases daily life and creates a new world. Dragons, spiders and birds appear and talk to me. Their appearance calms me down. They have chosen me.

I explore the medium of drawing in different ways. Paper sheets printed and rolled become columns or tree trunks. The viewer can wander around the drawings, as if walking in a printed forest. In another work, I use a polyhedron with diamond facets and these unfold from an empty shape within the drawing. The sculptural aspect reminds me of an object brought back from an uncanny world where the entropy creates ruins shaped like a diamond.

In the manner of Rorschach stains, I fold and unfold forms and images, so that the viewer can project their own world. My drawing are inspired by English landscape painting of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. These landscapes of another time operate like a portal through which I am drawn on a mindful journey.


unfolded #10 (stridentibus alis), 2014
graphite on paper
92.2 x 130.4 cm

unfolded #11 (trigonotarbida), 2014
graphite on paper
94.9 x 141.3 cm
(private collection, UK)

Unfolded #12 (luscinia megarhynchos), 2014
graphite on paper
97.5 x 132 cm
(private collection, UK)

unfolded #20 (through the looking-glass), 2014
graphite on paper
102 x 71 cm
(private collection, UK)

unfolded #21 (bisse), 2014
graphite on paper
147 x 96 cm

detail, unfolded #10 (stridentibus alis)

unfolded #22, 2016
graphite on paper


photos ©Dominic Tschudin & ©Jennifer Niederhauser Schule